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The Bay of Buddhas 

The “Bay of Buddhas” is a small tropical island cove at Darab Island, one of the Calamian Islands of Busuanga and Culion in Northern Palawan, Philippines.

Here at this beautiful, enchanted oasis of tranquility, surrounded by one of the most spectacular coral reefs in Busuanga, you will find the world´s only island cove or bay, where you can see several giant 4 meter Buddha statues right on the ocean shore.

The bay is home to Buddha statues depicting several Mudra or hand positions, such as the No Fear Buddha (Abhaya Mudra), Welcoming or Namaste Buddha (Anjali Mudra), and the Reclining Buddha (Nirvana after death or Parinirvana). Other giant Buddha statues are planned for the future.

The proud centerpiece of the “Bay of Buddhas,” is certainly the “Pearl of Wisdom” Buddha, the only one of its kind in the world, where you can climb a few steps up from sea level and like countless visitors have done before you, touch the giant pearl the Buddha is holding for good luck and infinite wisdom.

The Bay of Buddhas is accessible by either snorkeling (most popular), kayaking or paddle boarding from the pier at Darab island, a distance of about 250 meters. The coral reef that leads to the Bay of Buddhas is teeming with countless varieties of fish, often sea turtles and on rare occasion even dolphins and dugong (sea cows).

Snorkeling equipment, kayaks and paddle boards are available to rent at the reception.

Bring your own (if you have) snorkeling equipment and towels.


Secret Underwater Temple


Soon to stop being a secret, our “Secret Underwater Temple” is one of only two underwater Buddhist temples in the world, the other in Bali.

Only about 20 meters out from the shore of the “Bay of Buddhas” and situated at a depth of only 4 to 5 meters on the bottom of the ocean floor, you will find the “Secret Underwater Temple.” You can view it simply by snorkeling on the surface, or dive down a few meters and explore it more closely. Consisting of several Buddhist statues and temple arcs, it makes for a wonderful, spiritual snorkeling experience.


Additional Information


Entrance Fee.

Time required: 1-2 hours.

Snorkeling equipment, paddle boards or kayaks available for rent.

Souvenirs available for purchase in reception.

Advance reservation required.

Access: From Coron town – 1.5 hour direct boat ride

or 40 min.van ride + 20 min. boat ride

 From Coron/Busuanga airport: approx. 1 hour

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