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Introducing Coron, Busuanga and Culion

Many tourists referring to Coron when they are visiting Busuanga Island, which is divided in two municipalities Coron and Busuanga. With Culion and Linapacan, the municipalities of Coron and Busuanga make up the Calamianes Islands, a stellar group of islands that speck the waters of North Palawan. So for now you know when you are planning to visit Coron, you will be visiting Busuanga Island…

…Busuanga Island is the largest island and is divided into two municipalities: Busuanga and Coron. But when you refer to Coron Island, this will be the smaller island on the right side. Coron Island is located a 30-minute boat ride from Coron town and is home to many of the top sights in Coron. Here you can find Twin Lagoon, Kayangan Lake, Barracuda Lake, and many stunning beaches and smaller lagoons.

Most of the people who are visiting Busuanga Island will stay in or around Coron Town, mainly because this is the starting point of most of the tours.  But Coron Town also has its own attractions, for example it’s famous Mount Tapyas Viewdeck, this is the mountain bearing the large sign spelling out the name of the city in large white letters. At night, it is lit up and can continue to be seen even once the sun has set. Or have a dip at the Maquinit Hot Spring, it is one of the very few salt-water hot springs in the world. It is said that the water gets heated by a volcano and springs up into the two-tiered circular pool.

Busuanga, the last shade of paradise, which is it’s well-known for relaxation and shipwreck diving, therefor it’s also known as divers paradise! Picturesque trekking, island-visiting, and swimming on unspoiled white sand beaches lead the list of things to do in Busuanga. Experience a little bit of Africa in the Philippines by visiting Calauit Safari Park or explore one of the beautiful islands like Black island, a beautiful island which gives you the ultimate island feel.

Culion became known by many names, one of which is Paradise Lost, referring to its isolation from the rest of the world. In 1906 Culion was chosen as a containment area for people with leprosy and a leper colony was established on the island, which came to be known as the largest of its kind worldwide. In 2006 Culion has been declared leprosy-free. It has since become a tourist attraction. 

One of the big attractions of Culion is the 17th century fort built during the Spanish era now serves as their community church. Walking around the town gives you appreciation of the old structures and architecture of the pre war era.The museum also exhibit most of the municipality’s artifacts, documents and information how they have struggled to cure leprosy in the island. Before finally leaving the municipality, take a dip into Bogor Marine Park and enjoy the underwater sceneries by snorkeling.

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